Why buy from an independent kitchen retailer?

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With so many eye catching offers and expensive advertising campaigns from national companies why should you consider buying your kitchen from an independent kitchen retailer? After all, a new kitchen is not something you do once a year and for many it is once in a lifetime so it is important to fully understand what you are paying for.


A true specialist will take the time to fully understand what you want and need from your kitchen. Do you use your kitchen for entertaining? Are you a keen cook? Do you need more storage space? What don’t you like about your existing kitchen? These are all questions a good designer should be asking you. By fully understanding how you want to use your space they can design a kitchen which is truly unique to you. To a small business you are not just another number and every design is as individual as it is important.


Budget is a subject which many people find difficult to discuss. However if you find a designer you can trust then they can help you fully understand what you may be able to achieve for your budget. Due to higher standard of products offered an independent retailer may not always be the cheapest option, however, they fully understand value for money one of the most important part of any project. They will be able to show you a variety of options to suit a wide range of budgets, and importantly have the knowledge to explain to you difference in what you are getting for your money. Most independent retailers will not offer a “cheap option”. This is not because the products are not available to them, it is because they do not have the confidence that the products will last. The offer of “50% of units if you buy your kitchen this week” may seem appealing at the time, however, will you feel the same way in 3-4 years time when your kitchen is looking tired, the fittings are not functioning properly and the doors have started lifting?

The Product

Most independent retailers will have handpicked the products they offer. They use their extensive experience of the industry to offer products that will represent the best value for money and are made to last. They are not limited to the products they manufacture meaning if you want something a little different such a custom splashback or a unit made specifically to fit that awkward space in your kitchen in can be done. They will offer a wide variety of doors to choose from, made by a variety of manufacturers, meaning you get to choose a product you want rather than be limited to what they sell. The kitchen units themselves will be built to order with a extensive number a colour options available, to either blend in with you doors or even create on contrast. As a small business they will also have taken the time to know the products they offer and the difference between them. So when you ask what is the difference between this door and this door, the answer will not be “the price” or “the colour”, for example.

Project Management

When you make contact with a national retailer you could be talking to employee number 1062. When you make contact with a small business you are most likely speaking to the owner. The chances are they will be your port of call throughout the entire process. This means if you have any questions on design, products, time scales or even after care they personally will be dealing with it. It wont be a call centre or a promise from a colleague to call you back tomorrow because today is their day off. A good independent retailer will offer a complete service meaning you will not have to source your own trades to complete certain aspects of your project unless you want to. Every area of the project will be overseen from removal of the existing kitchen through to providing you with the appropriate certification. If any unforeseen issues come up they will deal with it leaving you to sit back and look forward to enjoying your new kitchen.


A good quality of service is something we have grown to expect these days, however sadly for many larger companies it is not a priority. To any small business reputation is key. They will have worked hard to build a good reputation locally. This means the most important thing to them will be providing you with a top quality product and service. There will not be any pushy sales techniques or false promises in order to make you buy. Whilst they may offer a wide range of products they will only be those that they are confident are of excellent quality and will stand the test of time. Every contractor who works on your project will have been personally chosen because of their ability to complete their job to an excellent standard. They will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy throughout the process as well as with the end result.

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